With the wedding season in full swing, we know that many couples are planning their wedding and thinking about what to include or what not to include for that special day. It’s one thing to get wedding party photos, but what about family and friends? Getting photos of all of the important people on your special day can be a tough job, but it is absolutely worth-it!

Here are some reasons why a group photo shot is important for your wedding day:

It shows your loved ones in one frame

Your family and friends are an important aspect of your wedding day!

In our case, for example, the family photo process goes this way: after the ceremony finishes, we give the couple 5-10 minutes to chat with their loved ones and get their congratulations. After that, we go straight to family photos (for both sides) immediately.

For the next step, all other family and friend photos get done at the reception! We don’t want to eat into the wedding party photoshoot time, which is another amazing part of the wedding event.

Connecting your family and friends to each other

Some of your family and friends may have not known each other personally prior to the wedding day, and so the process of doing group photo shots can be a good way to get everyone acquainted.

It is then important to have a friend or family member who is familiar with most of the family members. This person will be named “the photo wrangler”, and they are responsible for organizing everyone in one place at a time so that we can take photos quickly. Their job will be very important in the process!

So if you’re wondering why a group photo shot list is important, now you know! It is because having all of your loved ones documented in one place is definitely something to cherish for years to come. Not to mention, it can add some beautiful memories to your wedding album as well!

We hope this short blog helped you see the importance of group photo shot lists tips on your wedding day! If you have any questions or would like some more advice, feel free to get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help 🙂


March 15, 2023

Why is a Group Photo Shot List Important?

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