If you read my past blogs about engagement shoots (from tips on what to wear and where to take them), you might think that an engagement shoot is essential. Well, you’re right! We’d definitely recommend an engagement shoot to clients. 

But when you’re in those tight stages of planning a wedding, having an engagement photo session can feel like nothing more than another expense.

If you’re still on the fence as to getting that engagement shoot or not,  here are 5 reasons why having an engagement shoot can bring value to you!

A chance to be comfortable in front of the camera

Not everyone is comfortable with having a camera focusing on them. Some couples simply don’t have the amount of experience for the quick continuous shots (unless they’re models!), and so an engagement session can serve as a valuable practice session.

If you want to get a sense of that feeling to be in front of a camera other than your phone camera and learn how to relax while a passionate team of photographers is running around you,  then definitely book an engagement session.

Gives you the chance to connect with your photographer

Not only should you be comfortable in front of the camera, but also with your photographer! An engagement shoot gives you a chance to get to know the team before your wedding day and us getting to know you. By getting to know each other, it would be easier to get comfortable and have those natural shots with ease!

Learn your angles and how to pose

Being relaxed is one thing, but you’ll also have to know what are the right angles and poses that will bring out the best of you and your partner. Having an engagement session will allow you and your photographer to test what poses and shooting styles would work best, and so as to get a better idea of how your wedding photos will look.

This will also allow us to familiarize how you move, experiment on what poses or proper lighting that will work for you, and give you guidance on how to improve poses that are not only useful during the engagement shoot but also in your future shoots whatever it may be!

Have awesome images before your wedding day

Photos from your engagement shoot can be used in your different wedding events. You’ll definitely love it when you can customize your wedding invites and even the reception area with aesthetically pleasing photos taken before your wedding day!

A Time to be Creative

Engagement shoots don’t have to be boring and traditional! We can go to places that you love, relive your memories there as we shoot, and overall just have a good time. If there is any formula for having an engagement shoot, that would be no formula at all. This is the time to capture your connection with each other and to express yourselves, so don’t shy away from that opportunity.

There you have it, our 5 reasons why you need an engagement shoot! Always remember that being engaged is a time of transition and the next thing you know, your wedding is set to be on the next day. Having engagement pictures is for you to have fun and a forever memento of the time before you were married!

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March 14, 2023

Why Do You Need An Engagement Shoot

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