Wedding videos have become a popular way to capture memories of the big day. A well-crafted wedding video can transport you back to your special day and make you feel like you’re reliving the moments all over again. But creating a wedding video is not as simple as recording footage and putting it together. To create a captivating and memorable wedding video, you need to start with a storyboard!

By the way, a wedding video storyboard is a visual representation of the video you want to create. It’s a shot-by-shot outline of the entire video, including the music and any voiceovers. The storyboard will help you organize your thoughts, plan your shots, and ensure that you capture all the essential moments!

Here are some steps to create a wedding video storyboard:

Step 1: Choose your style

Before you start creating your storyboard, you need to decide on the style of video you want to create, a style that represents you as a couple! Do you prefer a traditional, documentary-style video, or do you want a more cinematic approach? It depends on you and your partners decision! Once the both of you have decided on the style, you can start planning the shots and angles that will capture the essence of your wedding day!

Step 2: Outline the narrative

The next step is to outline the narrative/story of your video. Think about the key moments of your wedding day that you want to capture, such as the first look, the ceremony, and the reception and think about your wedding theme. Consider what emotions you want to convey in your video and how you want to tell the story of your day!

Step 3: Sketch your shots

Now its the time to start sketching out your shots and think about the different angles and perspectives you want to capture, such as close-ups of the bride and groom, wide shots of the venue, and candid moments of the guests. Sketch out each shot, including any camera movements, and label each shot with a description of what’s happening!

Step 4: Add the audio

Once you have your shots outlined, it’s time to add the audio. Choose the music that will set the tone for your video! and any voiceovers or soundbites you want to include. Make sure your audio choices fit with the narrative and style of your video!

Step 5: Review and revise

Finally, review and revise your storyboard! Make sure that you’ve captured all the key moments, and that the shots and audio work together to tell a cohesive story. And please don’t forget to include your partner, this is for you to see both of your perspectives and once you’re happy with the outcome your storyboard, you’re ready to start filming!

Creating a wedding video storyboard takes time and effort, but it’s an essential step in creating a video that tells the story of your wedding day. By planning out your shots and audio in advance, you’ll be able to create a video that captures the emotions and memories of your special day!

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April 13, 2023

How to Create a Wedding Video Storyboard

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