We mentioned in our previous blog (link) why wedding videos should tell about your love story. Because each love story is different from the other, showing your emotions and communicating with your wedding photographer/videographer is the best way to go.

The same goes with engagement shoots! With engagement shoots getting popular these days, you have to make sure that you and your partner’s shoot will be something special to both of you. What better way to do this than choosing a shooting location that is meaningful to you?

Here are some reasons why your engagement shoot location should mean something to you:

It’s YOUR love story!

We won’t get tired of telling you this! Every couple is unique and so other than the photos and videos on the wedding day, engagement shoots are another way to show you and your partner’s own personality and love story.

For example, is there a coffee shop where you and your partner spend hours before (or maybe until now) during the weekend? That would be a great place to shoot!

Instead of some random pretty location, a place where you and your partner enjoy going to is going to bring more memories. The location you choose to do your shoot at is important because it will be the first place that comes to mind when you look back on these photos years from now.

It would be sentimental to both of you

We all know that photos and videos last longer than any material thing. This is why choosing a sentimental location for your engagement shoot will be worth it! 

Sentimental would mean more than just pretty, it’s a feeling that comes from the heart.

Think about your favorite place with your partner – whether it be going for walks, watching sunsets, or simply eating breakfast together. Capturing these moments through photos and videos will definitely make you smile every time you look back at them!  Plus, if you get engaged at a special place (like where your partner proposed), why not do your engagement shoot there too?

You really can’t go wrong with being sentimental!

We hope that this blog post has given you a better idea of why your engagement shoot location should mean something to you! If you are having trouble choosing the best location for your engagement shoot, you can always start with listing your hobbies and interest, your favorite locations, and of course sharing the list to your photographer!

Because after all, capturing your love story both in the most beautiful and sentimental way is definitely not impossible – all you need is creativity, communication with your wedding photographer, and of course lots of love! 🙂

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March 10, 2023

Why Your Engagement Shoot Location Should Mean Something To You

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