As wedding photographers and videographers, there’s lot of ideas that comes into our mind and this is why we l ove wedding photography: the joy, the love, the memories, I adore everything about it! And as a wedding photographer, there is no limit to what you can do with your photographs! Those black & white wedding images that we all seem to love? We don’t just do them because they’re cool or different, we do them for a variety of reasons!

Here are some reasons why wedding photographers give you B&W images:

It gives a timeless feeling

While trends in dresses, hairstyles, and makeup change over time, a black and white shot of a bride and groom will always look classic. Every wedding photographer’s goal is to produce images that couples will look back on years after and be transported back to their magical day, and it’s usually those black and white images that do the trick.

B&W photos add a different touch of romance to wedding images as well. You can still capture those lovely wedding moments, but the black and white effect makes them more timeless – almost like they’re from a completely different era!

It gives value and choice

Not everyone wants their wedding photos in color, so by giving couples the option of B&W images, we’re providing them with what they want. By being able to choose from different versions of each wedding image, couples can really personalize their wedding album or wall gallery.

It makes curating photos more exciting, which results in a seamless and creative memory collection!

It focuses on emotions

There is something about black and white images that really glues the viewer to the emotions of the subject. It shifts the focus back to people’s faces and emotions so much that even if you were not at the wedding, looking at the photos makes you feel like you were there when the photo was taken!

Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the colors, or maybe it’s because there are no distractions in the image – whatever it is, we wedding photographers love to use B&W images to capture raw emotions.

When it comes to wedding photography, black and white images will always have a special place in our hearts! Not only because they look classy and timeless, but they also focus on the emotions of the moment – something that is truly priceless! Do you have any favorite black and white wedding images? Share them with us in the comments below!


March 8, 2023

Why Your Wedding Photographer Should Give You Black & White Images

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